SMART Global Holdings, Inc.

Q1 2022 Earnings Conference Call


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spk_4: fresh again
spk_5: you're right
spk_1: just
spk_6: i can't
spk_7: yeah
spk_2: yeah man i am i
spk_7: just
spk_8: afraid
spk_1: a match
spk_9: stroll around
spk_1: just sir just turned out very sad yeah i can't yeah yeah man
spk_9: yeah
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spk_11: yeah
spk_12: yeah
spk_13: it starts with
spk_14: i don't know why it doesn't matter how hard you try to keep that in science writer to explain it to retire
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spk_9: yeah
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spk_9: josh with the surprise a guy so
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spk_15: back to me
spk_13: kept everything
spk_17: it also applies to better maybe and them
spk_11: try
spk_18: yeah
spk_9: first status
spk_19: wow
spk_20: shit
spk_19: good match
spk_1: yeah
spk_21: yeah
spk_22: here we go
spk_2: really
spk_23: the list
spk_9: no excuse a new place this news is doing me meal pro much these days
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spk_16: really
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spk_1: would still need to know that they will be soon as
spk_15: nature this
spk_28: same as this when they were saying
spk_29: the game
spk_30: i just
spk_31: just
spk_32: they
spk_33: now
spk_34: a day later way
spk_35: jj by justin
spk_36: away
spk_37: my
spk_38: why
spk_39: ouch
spk_40: this
spk_41: and you
spk_42: and
spk_41: would you change that
spk_26: soldiers to placate certainly wouldn't stand being lost
spk_42: employed to hold back
spk_39: what to do
spk_36: you take bucks
spk_43: the place to place
spk_35: again
spk_44: place
spk_45: hi
spk_29: yeah
spk_39: this thing me that
spk_18: the soon
spk_46: losing
spk_39: this lack of so sure is
spk_47: sure
spk_48: master
spk_39: the camera
spk_49: the way before
spk_38: so and stacks
spk_16: the
spk_42: and i am
spk_39: they were
spk_50: yeah
spk_35: come
spk_1: the mean
spk_2: against dad
spk_51: and republic
spk_35: care
spk_2: the
spk_52: using
spk_39: especially change
spk_53: the baby
spk_7: so and stand
spk_54: the
spk_9: they
spk_55: yeah
spk_56: okay
spk_9: yeah
spk_1: well
spk_7: whoa
spk_16: shares a
spk_1: worse

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